Monday, April 24, 2017

Gynther Flattum. Lanesboro, MN.

Gynther lived from 1907-2003.   in 1995 the Winona paper reported that he came in second at a Mankato fiddle fest.  They also reported in 1968 he played Decorah's Nordic fest, stating that he represented SE Minnesota and NE Iowa's traditional nordic fiddling.

Bob Bovee told me that he was a nice man and a frequent visitor at the fiddling bee that Bob and Gail used to run in Lanesboro for 20 years.  The article below has great tales of Gynther playing his father's fiddle when his father wasn't looking. Article originally in the Rochester Post-Bulletin:

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  1. May my great uncle Rest in Peace. Proud of my Nordic Heritage.
    Alan W. Norden