Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More Stories Of Ed Selvaag

Dave Simpkins had a few stories to share about Ed Selvaag, who was one of the sources for tunes from the first Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project CD.  The video above was taken when Ed was 101 and playing at church-

"  Ed said he got into music when he went over to the Lindrud farm with his brother to help milk cows.
His brother was using the best part of a beaten up guitar. He asked if he could have it, took it home, fixed it up and learned how to play.

He once said he went to a wedding dance in a small house. It was so crowded that he had to get a ladder and climb through a second story window.  He had to set up on the stairs. While he played, he saw a nice looking gal sitting in the corner who he said he was going to marry. He did and I think they were together some 60 plus years.

He was milking cows near Vining on a cold, storming winter night. A friend who he played with from time to time drove up the driveway to ask if he would fill in at a wedding dance in Pelican Rapids some 60 miles away. Ed said he would if he would help him finish the milking. They drove in a Model T with canvas sides. They had to sneak out of the dance at each break to start the car again and again. They got home in time for the morning milking. "

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