Learning The Tunes

Some good folks from the Minnesota State Fiddle Association have taken on the project of learning and transcribing the tunes on the first Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project CD.   When we did the CD we learned all of the tunes by ear, but I understand that beginners have a need for transcriptions.  This is in perfect spirit with why I did the CD in the first place.  These tunes will have new life as another generation of old-time fiddlers from the state put there own spin on them.  Last time I checked in with them they were talking about having the finished transcriptions available in a free PDF file to down load.  I want to support their effort by sharing some links-    Clawhammer Mike.

Minnesota State Fiddle Association Slojammers Facebook page

- Minnesota State Fiddle Association website

- To see the transcriptions they are working on (in progress): click here

- Youtube page of the tunes being slowed down and taught:

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