Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project CD now on sale.

This CD is about the research, recovery and relearning of Minnesota fiddle music.  Many of the masters have left us with few to take there place.  Luckily, more than 50 Minnesota musicians have come together to help this music flourish again.  Using old field recordings and current masters as their guide, they have put their modern stamp on the music.  It is great to hear these tunes reborn.

$15 plus tax.
Free shipping. USA only for now.

Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project track list. Running time: 63 minutes.

 1- Kettlescrubber. Catie Jo Pidel and Friends.
 2- Selmer Ramsey’s Waltz. Betsy Neil and Friends.
 3- Flop Eared Mule. Eelpout Stringers.
 4- Minnesota Waltz. Temporary Stringband.
 5- Swedish Schottische. Roe Family singers.
 6- Dick Halverson’s Waltz. The Haybirds.
 7- Hilary Stoltman’s Polka. Minnesota Pickers.
 8- Sherburne’s Polka. Temporary Stringband.
 9- Edwin’s First Polska. Adam Hurt.
 10- Gary’s Polka. Bob Bovee and Gail Heil.
 11- Saint Paul Waltz. Bill Matthews and Friends.
 12- Selmer Ramsey’s Polka. Tjarnblom.
 13- Ringnessen Reinlander. Minnesota Pickers.
 14- Iva Dingwall Medley. Brian Miller and Friends
 15- Henry Grondahl’s Schottische. Tjarnblom.
 16- Ranger’s Waltz. Minnesota Pickers.
 17- Elmer Running’s Tune. Temporary Stringband.
 18- Medley. Anabel Sanford Wirt.
 19- Albert’s Schottische. The Gritpickers.
 20- Knute’s Waltz. Pam, John and the Dixons.
 21- Bill Sherburne Medley. Phil Nusbaum.
 22- Fred Nelson’s Jig. The O’Neil Family.
 23- Oh So Many Berries. Minnesota Pickers.
 24- The Girl I left Behind Me. Roe Family Singers.
 25- Jalasjarven Polka. Sara Pajunen.
 26- Buckwheat Batter. Freak Creek Revival.
 27- Stoltman’s Dad’s Waltz. Tjarnblom.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bob Bovee and Gail Heil

On the new Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project's liner notes, I somehow left out one of my favorite duo's in Minnesota.  Bob and Gail did play Gary's Polka on the disk and here is their bio that should have gone with it. Pretend that it is in the booklet-

Gary's Polka (Gail Heil, fiddle; Bob Bovee, guitar)

Gail Heil learned to fiddle in her native Missouri, but when she moved to Minnesota she found tunes with a very different sound. Gail and Bob met Bill Sherburne in the late 1980s after they had moved to southeastern Minnesota, and learned “Gary’s Polka”, also known as “Old Time Banjo”. Sherburne was a master fiddler from Spring Grove and was one of the musicians who had represented Minnesota at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC. The tune is in the keys of C and F. For more information on Bovee and Heil: