Saturday, September 22, 2018

Upper Midwest Folk Fiddlers Play a Barn Raising

About 6 months ago I started a learners group called Upper Midwest Folk Fiddlers.  To have a group that actively plays this music I have been archiving has long been part of the mission.  I don't want my projects to become boring archives that have no life to them.  Our group gets together twice a month in Saint Paul and plays Upper Midwest Tunes.  I doubt that many of these tunes have been played by a group in decades.

The Norwegians have groups like this called Spellmanslags. In general these groups have one keeper of the tunes and tradition and many players of all skill levels.  That is what we are trying to do here.  We are a welcoming group who seek out new-comers and provide tools for learning the tunes.

Our band for the barn raising ( minus me taking picture )
The evening was lovely.  Folks attentively listened to the tunes and some dance along.  I decided at one point to ask for questions for which their were many thoughtful ones.  The question and answer session was great.

Dancing to a waltz

I could not do any of this without all the work my others in the group have shared.  They not only learn the tunes, but correct my transcriptions and help with all the details to keep a group like this moving forward.  Such enthusiasm is not lost on me and has really given a great push to the next phase of this project. To see our schedule or for booking click here

Clawhammer Mike

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